Cajamarca Region in Perú


Cajamarca region was the scene of the capture of Atahualpa in 1532, during the conquest of Peru. In the colonial years it maintained the category of town until December 19, 1802, the date on which it was established as a city and received its coat of arms. It is said that it is the most Spanish […]

Huaraz in Perú


Far from the noise of the city, behind the mountains, we find this corner detached from the sky, with green fields and an emerald roof with cotton clouds; Huaraz, the peaceful city of shy sun Huaraz is the capital of the department of Ancash, its altitude is 3,080 meters above sea level, it is one […]

Piura in Perú


In Piura Perú there are interesting tourist places and if Piura had to be defined in one word, it would be rest. Just close your eyes to imagine the warm breeze that comes from the desert, the sound of the waves or the murmur of the leaves of the coconut trees. Piura is also synonymous […]

Trujillo in Perú


Trujillo in Perú is, the Capital of the Department of Liberty, «Capital of Eternal Spring» and, it is the third most important city in Peru, due to its great economic and cultural importance; It has the most productive valleys in the country, which has allowed it to develop economically. The agricultural industry is the most […]

Chiclayo Perú


Chiclayo “City of Friendship”, located in the department of Lambayeque, in the northern part of Peru, offers our visitors and tourists a great variety of tourist destinations, among which are archaeological remains, museums, relics and more… Inherited from a millennial past, the same ones that mark a large part of Peru’s history. In the city […]

Pacaya Samiria National Reserve


Pacaya Samiria National Reserve is the second largest protected area in Peru. It is a paradise for nature lovers, with a biodiversity that is manifested in more than 1000 species of animals and 965 species of wild plants. This humid, tropical and flooded forest is an autonomous and exemplary ecosystem, which is home to lagoons like […]

Río Abiseo National Park


The Río Abiseo National Park is located in the San Martín region. And it was created as such in 1983, nine years later it would also have the recognition of UNESCO, an entity that would declare it Cultural and Natural Heritage of Humanity. The Río Abiseo National Park occupies an average area of ??274,520 hectares […]

Iquitos Amazon in Perú


The city of Iquitos is located in the northern Amazon, to the east of the country. It is the capital of the Loreto Region, which with almost 30% of the national territory is the largest and northernmost in Peru. The city is located on the banks of a secondary branch of the Amazon River, in […]

Pucallpa Jungle in Perú


The beautiful city of Pucallpa, whose name means “Tierra Colorada” is located in the Callería district, in the Coronel Portillo province, within the Ucayali department and is the district, provincial and regional capital. This beautiful city of Pucallpa is characterized by having a tropical climate throughout the year, a typical attribute of its privileged location […]

Tingo María National Park


The Tingo María National Park is located in the Huánuco region and occupies an average of 4,777 hectares that rise approximately 600 meters above sea level. This area has been considered a National Park since 1965, being one of the oldest protected areas in the country. The Tingo María National Park is important because of […]

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