Machu Picchu Flora


The Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, is considered a privileged place of orchids, because it houses a high number of species, it is estimated approximately 300 species of orchids distributed in the various ecological niches existing in Machu Picchu, all thanks to the climate and the presence of cloud forests, being Machu Picchu. There is […]

Peruvian Cuisine


Today Peruvian Cuisine preserves much of the legacy left by those who inhabited the empire prior to the conquest and the set of dishes that emerged after it. If not totally, yes in part thanks to the assimilation of new techniques and new ingredients, old preparations still survive today, especially in the most rural areas […]

Peruvian Ceviche


Ceviche is a typical dish of Peruvian cuisine and has been so successful that its flavors have spread to other Latin American countries. There are many versions of ceviche and it is impossible to say that only one is the correct one, but this time we will share with you a Peruvian ceviche recipe that […]

Pisco Sour of Perú


There are few cocktails that achieve such a perfect and balanced taste as Pisco sour. Its mixture of flavors, its attractive appearance and its strong aroma have made this delicious drink a tourist symbol of Peru and an exportable product to the world. No one is able to resist its incomparable freshness and aroma. This […]

Mother Earth Festival in Cusco


The celebration for the Mother Earth Festival is an event that takes place in Cusco City, it is a celebration that takes place in the month of August, the first day of the month, and the entire region, following the traditions of Andean culture is part of it. The day of the Pachamama, which is […]

New year’s eve in Cusco Perú


The city of Cusco, «the navel of the world», is one of the most special places to wait with overflowing joy and hope for the advent of the «New Year», which will be a magical night where the celebration takes place with people from all over the world, this party takes place in the Plaza […]

Santurantikuy in Cusco 2021


This is a fairly important fair that takes place in the city of Cusco in the month of December, specifically on the 24th of that month in the Plaza de Armas of the City. It is a fair that brings together many important artisans in the area and in which exhibitions of their artisan products […]

The Lord of Miracles in Perú


Also called, Cristo Morado or Cristo de Pachacamilla, it is an image of Christ on the cross, painted on an adobe wall located in the Main Altar of the Las Nazarenas Sanctuary in the city of Lima and venerated by Peruvians and foreigners in Peru and around the world, by whom it is considered miraculous. […]

Lord of Huanca in Cusco, Perú


The pilgrimage of the Lord of Huanca in Perú is an important celebration that takes place in Cusco and has as its central date September 14. It is a journey that the people and the faithful devotees of the Lord take from their different towns to the same Sanctuary that is located in a place […]

Blood Festival of Perú


Every year the residents of Coyllurqui, Cotabambas province, Apurímac, capture a condor to celebrate the “Yawar Fiesta” or Blood Festival of Perú, a ritual of bullfighting with condors. The tradition was born during the Spanish colony and continues today as part of the celebrations for Independence Day in some towns in the southern Peruvian Andes. […]

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