Choquequirao Trek 3 Days

Why choose the Salkantay to Inca Trail Tour?

If you do not have enough time, this is the best option, it will meet your expectations to do a Trek and be able to do it in the simplest way with the help of local people and horses in the area.

The Choquequirao Trek is listed as one of the most demanding treks in Cusco, but with the help of horses you can do it.

In addition, Choquequirao is one of the places with the most exuberant vegetation and fauna diversity only for those who have the strength to get there.

Choquequirao is definitely the most energetic place you will find in Cusco.

Walking on the Apu Padreyoc side and taking this route to Choquequirao will be one of the best experiences you will have in our country.

You can find yourself, challenge yourself and meet snowy mountains in the Cusco region, beautiful valleys, incredible waterfalls, an incredible ecosystem and the largest and most important archaeological complex in our country.

When you finish the Trek and have the satisfaction of having completed it, it will be a unique experience that you will probably never forget.



03.30 a.m. Transfer from hotels or hostels.

04.00 a.m. Transfer from Cusco to Curahuasi.

06.00 a.m. Breakfast in the town of Curahuasi (not included)

08.00 a.m. We pass Cachora, we will continue until the end of the «Capulilloq» road

09.00 a.m. Arrival to Capulilloq (starting point of the trek).

12.00 p.m. Chiquiska arrival, lunch.

13:30 p.m. Rosalina Beach towards Marampata (we will go up on horseback).

17:30 p.m. Arrival at the Marampata camp

19:00 p.m. dinner and overnight.


05:00 a.m. Breakfast.

06:00 a.m. We will continue towards «Choquequirao».

08:00 a.m. Arrival to Choquequirao Guided tour.

13:30 p.m. Lunchtime on the Choquequirao esplanade. Free time in «Choquequirao»

16:00 p.m. Return to Marampata.

18:00 p.m. Its time to. tea

19:00 p.m. Dinner and overnight in Marampata. 


06:00 a.m. Breakfast.

07:00 a.m. start of the walk from Marampata to Chiquiska.

11:00 a.m. Arrival to Chiquiska and lunch

13:30 p.m. we continue on horseback last section to Capulilloq.

16:30 p.m. arrival to Capulilloq

17:30 p.m. dinner time and farewell to the team members.

18:30 a.m. Return to the city of Cusco

23:00 a.m. arrival to the city of Cusco



We begin the adventure with many beautiful landscapes and with the first views of our destination «Choquequirao» this will be a long day and full of fresh air, we will cross the Apurímac canyon and ascend the first most difficult part of the first section of our destination, we arrived to the jungle eyebrow and don’t forget to put the repellent on !! It will be a day full of adventure.

We start early in Cusco we will pick you up from the hotel early at 4:00 am to transfer you from Cusco to Curahuasi it will take us 2 hours to get to this point and have a short break where you can take advantage of having something hot or have breakfast if you wish (not included). We will continue with the trip and we will pass the town of Cachora, to continue towards the starting point of our Capulilloq walk 2900 masl – 9514 fasl, we will arrive at 8:30 am, where we will have time to prepare the luggage that we will carry with us and the team that will be delivered to our support team, our 05 kilos to the muleteer and cook who will be responsible for our extra load for 5 days and will carry this luggage on the mules along with food and camping equipment, they will go in front of our group and they are an important part of the team, our guide will give us the last recommendations and we will begin the journey to Chikiska 1800 masl – 5905 fasl, this section is a quiet 3-hour descent and we will make stops at the viewpoints to take the first photos of the canyon of Apurímac and also have the first views of Choquequirao as well as the snowy Padreyoc, upon reaching Chikiska we will have lunch and take a short break, this area will There will be a change in the weather and we will find mosquitoes, time to use the repellent to continue the walk towards La Playa Rosalina 1500 masl – 4921 fasl, it will be a one hour descent and it is the lowest point of the canyon. We will cross the Apurímac river towards the camp at Santa Rosa 2100 masl – 6889 fasl this part of the section the ascent will be on average two hours depending on the pace we have we will carry out this ascent on horses to get to the next point, we will arrive at the camp by averaging the 15:00 pm for after a break continue from Santa Rosa to the Marampata hamlet 2900 masl – 9514 fasl this section has 4 km -2.4 miles but has a difference of 700 meters to the highest point and it will be a great challenge that from We will surely also take advantage of getting the best views of the canyon and being able to measure our resistance, when we arrive in Marampata we will take a well-deserved rest and we will have the first night in this place, the temperature and climate is a little warm but do not forget that we are in an area high so we could have rains and we will also have some mosquitoes even. We will arrive at the camp at 17:30 pm. 

  • Meals: Lunch, Dinner.
  • Walking hours: 9
  • Walking distance: 18 Km – 11.18 miles – With Horse it will be 7 Km -4.5 miles
  • Maximum Altitude: 2900 masl – 9514 fasl
  • Minimum altitude: 1500 masl – 4921 fasl
  • Difficulty: Medium – Demanding. 


We arrive early to Choquequirao, a day to explore and one of the best. We will start the day and we will know Choquequirao, we will explore the Archaeological center with the guide and we will have free time, take the energy we need and have the best visit, we will sleep in Marampata.

We start this day as early as possible, we will have breakfast at 5:00 am and then we will get our things ready to continue to the next point, Choquequirao we are only 6 km – 3.7 miles it will take us 2 hours to get to the next point, remember that we will return in the afternoon to Marampata so we will take only what is necessary, we will arrive at Choquequirao 3033 masl – 9950 fasl, at an average of 8:30 am according to the rhythm we have and we will start the visit to the most important points: Main square, Hanan sector, Terraces of the giants or Inca Laboratory, Pikiwasi Sector and the Ushnu, we will be the only ones and we will have almost all day to visit, we will have lunch in the archaeological park our support staff will bring lunch at 13:30 pm to have lunch and rest a little and then have free time, to explore the archaeological park on our own we still have a lot to explore the sector of the flames could be a good option, and then n We prepare you to return to Marampata where our dinner awaits us and it will also be the place where we will spend the night. 

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
  • Walking hours: 6
  • Walking distance: 8 km. 5 miles
  • Maximum Altitude: 3033 masl – 9950 fasl
  • Minimum Altitude: 2900 masl – 9514 fasl
  • Difficulty: médium


We will start the day descending to the middle of the morning we will carry out a small sections of ascent and in the afternoon we will continue ascending to the highest point of the day Capuliyoc, with a little luck we can see the condors and even the spectacled bear that lives in the area, later upon arrival we will say goodbye to the group and after this incredible adventure continue with the return to Cusco. 

We begin the return from Marampata to our destination, Capulilloq, we will start early at 5am we will have breakfast and head to Santa Rosa 2100 masl – 6889 the road will be in descent and it will not have much difficulty most of the way is surrounded by a lot of vegetation with bamboo and orchids we will also have the beautiful view of the canyon when we reach santa rosa and rest we will continue descending towards Rosalina Beach 1500 masl – 4921 fasl, we will cross the bridge the descent section will take us on average three hours and then we will ascend for an hour on horses towards Chikiska 1800 masl – 5905 fasl, where we will rest there we can have lunch it is a quiet area with warm weather, after the break we will continue ascending for 3 more hours to the Capulilloq camping area on horseback and this section will be all uphill but not steep We will also make stops at the viewpoints to take pictures and with a little luck we could appreciate the condors that inhabit the area and fly over these places in the afternoon, already in Capulilloq 2900 masl – 9514 fasl, we will have a delicious dinner and we will be able to share the experience with the teammates and also say goodbye to the support team once the vehicle is ready We will go on a 4-hour return trip to the imperial city of Cusco. We will arrive in Cusco on average 23:00 pm. And that will be the end of our adventure.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
  • Hours of walking: 4 – 4 will be on horseback
  • Walking distance: 18 Km – 11.18 miles
  • Maximum Altitude: 2900 masl – 9514 fasl
  • Minimum altitude: 1500 masl – 4921 fasl
  • Difficulty: Medium – demanding.


  • Previous meeting with the guide prior to the departure of the Trek.
  • Transportation Cusco – Capulilloq – Cusco.
  • Entrance to Choquequirao.
  • Professional guide service.
  • Chef.
  • Food: 02 breakfasts, 03 lunches and 03 dinners.
  • Pack horses and muleteers: For 3 days. (5 kilos per person).
  • Saddle Horse the First and third day.
  • Camping equipment: Quadruple sleeping tent for double use, mat.
  • Emergency medical kit: Oxygen bottle and first aid kit.


  • Breakfast on the 1st day.
  • Sleeping bag (necessary) and walking sticks.
  • Additional water and Snack on the route.


Passengers must personally carry the following: Cleaning supplies, a small first-aid kit containing a couple of bandages, cream for muscle pain, pills for: altitude sickness, fever, upset stomach, pills to purify water, sunscreen , mosquito repellent, bottled water, flashlight, plastic rain ponchos, dark glasses, binoculars, camera, walking stick, trekking shoes, thermal clothing for the night, light clothing for the day, money at your discretion do not forget to bring your Original Passport.

Students must carry a valid student card.


We offer to rent sleeping bags for the 04 days: Fiber $ 15.00 and pen $ 20.00.

Likewise, for passengers who carry extra (excess) cargo horses during the 03 days in the US $ 90.00 each.


1.- In the case of students with Student card (after consultation) and Children up to 07 years old, the rates are reduced in the following amounts: Students: USA $ 20.00, and Children: USA $ 60.00.

2.- To go up to Cerro Huaynapicchu the entrance fee is US $ 20.00 and must be purchased in advance. Spaces are limited, at different times from 06:00, 07:00 to 08:00 am and from 10:00 to 11:00. 

3.- The rates are subject to any increase or readjustment that the Ministry of Culture of Peru, Peru Raíl SA or Inca Rail may determine and are subject to change depending on the Peru Rail schedule and availability, The local train is only for Peruvians and the purchase of this is in person and with a copy of your Identification.

4.- In the pool system the group is made up of a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 16 passengers.

5.- The camps can vary depending on the climate and the state of health of the travelers.

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Fernanda L
Fernanda L
Mariela es muy especial! Fue todo perfecto! Mariela es increíble y hizo todo para que nuestro viaje fuera inolvidable. La dedicación de Mariela por su trabajo y por su familia también son muy bonitas. Eso hace todo aún más especial.
Cusco Visitei Cusco em Junho/2023 e reservei todos os passeios com a Qorianka. Equipe muito atenciosa, todos os passeios foram ótimos e bem organizados.
Da F
Da F
Perfeito!!!!! Quando fui planejar a viagem para Cusco pesquisei muito os locais que queria conhecer e as empresas que faziam os passeios, encontrei a Qorianka Tours entrei em contato e fui super bem atendida pela Mariele que esclareceu todas as minhas dúvidas. Quando estamos planejamento uma viagem sempre surgi o medo de não ser o que esperávamos, mas falo com vocês que foi melhor do que eu esperava, me surpreendeu o comprometimento, a atenção de toda a equipe que esteve comigo e com meu marido no período da viagem. Vou detalhar um pouco como foi, quando chegamos no aeroporto já tinha uma pessoa esperando para levar até o hotel, nos dias de buscar para os passeios foram todos extremamente pontuais, os guias sempre alegres e com toda atenção explicavam as histórias dos locais, os locais de café da manhã e almoço muito bom e agradáveis e no fim da viagem também nos buscaram no hotel e levaram até o aeroporto. Ficamos 9 dias em Cusco, foi uma viagem maravilhosa, um sonho realizado. Agradeço toda a equipe da Qorianka Tours que conseguiram transformar minha viagem em algo mais surpreendente do que eu espera. Se vc estiver planejando super indico a Qorianka Tours, não tem nenhum ponto negativo para reclamar. Podem confiar.
Solange Puga
Solange Puga
AGÊNCIA CONFIÁVEL!! A agencia é confiável, fiz a reserva pelo Brasil,só paguei uma pequena reserva,em um banco no Brasil,fiz o resto do pagamento diretamente com a Mariella em Cusco. Eles são honestos,mas meio informais. . No city tour,eles atrasaram, logo após 20'' de atraso eu liguei,esqueceram de nós,mas logo Mariella resolveu o problema e mandou um carro para nos levar até o grupo. Adoramos os guias de cada passeio,Aidê,Roni,Ivan e Mari,são eficientes,educados e divertidos . As Vans eram confortáveis. O hotel do pacote em Aguas Calientes,,era bom e bem localizado,foram nos buscar na estação.
Silvia P
Silvia P
7 lagunas con Diego Go!! La mejor experiencia!!! desde inicio hasta al final... cuentan con servicio de desayuno, almuerzo típico delicioso? Además de conocer y hacer amistades de otros países? y lo más importante el guía quién nos orienta e explica durante todo el trayecto.... totalmente agradecida y muy feliz Guía: Diego Suna Quispe
Rocio O
Rocio O
TOUR 7 LAGUNAS CON DIEGO GO! La mejor experiencia de la visita a las 7 lagunas además de contemplar su belleza natural fue que el guía Diego nos dejó tomarnos el tiempo necesario para captar las mejores fotografías y hacer videos, ya que estas imágenes quedarán guardadas por siempre para el recuerdo. También agradecer por la alimentación que estaba deliciosa con ingredientes propias de la zona. Un consejo para las personas que deseen aventurarse en este tour (o alguno otro, ya que el guía es experto en muchos tours) no se arrepentirán en tomarlo como guía a DIEGO GO! ( como lo bautizamos ???) su nombre real es DIEGO SUNA QUISPE
Rafa Rodriguez
Rafa Rodriguez
Todo el viaje valió la pena El viaje fue súper cansador pero llegar a la montaña de colores compensó todo el cansancio! Además con el guía Ronald aka Picasso hizo esta experiencia mucho más gratificante y hermosa!
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