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If you are more than tired of seeing the same in Cusco, then take the Tour to the 7 Lagunas del Ausangate with us, a super promising full day excursion, full of adventure, landscape, mountains, turquoise, blue, green lagoons and even reddish and you can also see a little of the Andean flora and fauna such as Alpacas, Vizcachas and Condores.

But the most outstanding places on this tour are the 7 lagoons located on the slopes of the Vilcanota mountain range, which are given the following names: Otorongo Macho, Otorongo female, Puca cocha, Alqa cocha, Ccomer cocha, Azul cocha and Pata cocha.

As additional information, we tell you in the community of Pacchanta there are Hot Springs that have medicinal properties, if you want you can also enjoy these waters.

To participate in this Full Day Tour to 7 Lakes in Ausangate you need a good physical condition and be acclimatized to the altitude.

The seven lagoons in the Ausangate mountain is a beautiful day hike, where you can visit the 7 turquoise green lagoons, part of the Vilcanota mountain range and also be close to the mountains of Ausangate and Ayangate. You can enjoy the relaxing hot springs with a beautiful view of the mountains and local life.


The Nevado Ausangate is a natural attraction that is located in the district of Ocongate, within the province of Quispicanchi, in the department of Cusco. That snowy mountain is part of the Vilcanota Mountain Range and, according to an ancient legend, it was the brother of the Salkantay mountain range.


The Nevado Ausangate, has a height of 6,384 meters above sea level; and it is considered an apu, or protective deity of the towns that surround it; as well as the most representative mountain in the region.


  • Laguna Azulcocha, is located at about 4 618 m.s.n.m
  • Laguna Otorongo, is located at about 4,620 m.a.s.l.
  • Laguna Oq’ecocha, is located about 4 631 m.a.s.l.
  • Laguna Pucacocha, is located at about 4 670 m.s.n.m
  • Laguna Pachaspata, is located at about 4 867 m.s.n.m
  • Laguna Alqacocha, is located at about 4,752 m.a.s.l.
  • Laguna Q’omercocha, is located at about 4 666 meters above sea level

Ideal season for the Full Day Tour to 7 Lakes in Ausangate

It is recommended to visit the snowy between the months of April to November, on the site it is possible to set up camps, in order to enjoy more of the beauty of the place and the activities that it offers.

How to get?

To be able to reach this beautiful snow-capped mountain, it is necessary, if one is in the city of Cusco, to go to Urcos, this first trip can be done by bus, and the duration of the trip to the place is one hour. Once in Urcos, we continue to Ocongate and from here to Tinke, also by bus, spending three more hours on the way. Already in Tinke you have to pay for the right of entry, this has an approximate cost of ten soles, quite apart from the tourist guide services that are hired.

Without a doubt this is a spectacular place, we encourage you not to miss out on this great experience in this wonderful place, make plans for the Ausangate and the 7 lagoons tour.

  • 04:30 am Transfer from the hotel
  • 08:30 am Breakfast time in Pacchanta.
  • 09:00 am Start of the walk
  • 11:00 am Arrival at the highest Patacocha Lagoon.
  • 11:30 am Descent towards the starting point Pacchanta.
  • 14:00 pm Lunch in Pacchanta
  • Free time to visit the Pacchanta thermal baths.
  • 15:00 pm Return to the city of Cusco
  • 19:00 pm Arrival to the city of Cusco

We will start with the pick up at 4:30 am from the different Hotels or Hostels, ready, we go to the South area of ??our city to the town of Pacchanta but before we will pass through the community of Tinke 3780 masl 12401 fasl, it will be about 3 approximate hours of travel on a paved road and take the detour to the community of Pacchanta 4310 masl-14140 fasl that will take us 40 minutes to the place where we will have breakfast also where we start the tour of the 7 lagoons that will be 6.5 km from distance which we will travel and we will have a walk of four hours on average, we will start in Pacchanta at .msnm-12795 fasl, point where we start our adventure and prepare to start the walk for two hours which will be 3.5 km – 2.1 miles of walk towards the Lagoon and then arrive at the viewpoint where we will get a panoramic view of the sector and we will get incredible photographs.

Along the way you will be able to appreciate the snowy Ausangate, also the valley that is at the base of this part of the walk will be laid the first part will not have much difficulty and on a steep climb the last part of the route will be complicated due to the difference in height, we will only need to breathe well since our body will shake quickly, we will arrive at the Patacocha Lagoon 4800 masl – 15748 fasl before we will see the Pukacocha lagoon at 4670 masl and the Azulqocha lagoon at 4620 masl upon returning on the descent path we will appreciate the rest of the lagoons on the way the lagoon of Otorongo male 4670 masl and Otorongo female 4620 masl, Alqacocha 4700 masl, Q’omercocha 4650 masl, we will also be able to appreciate Ausangate mountain 6380 masl-20931 fasl.

During the journey we will see native birds of the area, alpacas, llamas, many vizcachas and hopefully up to the Andean Condor. After doing a circuit we will return to Pacchanta to enjoy lunch and to relax in the Pacchanta Hot Springs (Optional). Our guide will be with us throughout the tour and will also mention the customs of the area and other details of the places we will visit.

At 3:00 p.m., we will return to the city of Cusco, arriving at approximately 7:00 p.m.

It includes:

  • Round-trip transportation
  • Food: breakfast and local lunch
  • Bilingual guide (Spanish – English).
  • First aid box
  • Oxygen balloon

Does not include:

  • Entrance ticket to the Laguna s /. 10.00 soles.
  • Entrance ticket to the Pinchimuro community s /. 10.00 soles.
  • Entrance ticket to the thermal baths of Pacchanta s /. 10.00 soles.
  • Horses.
  • Water and snack.
  • Walking sticks (optional).

What to bring?

  • Warm clothing (scarf, sweaters, jackets, gloves)
  • Non-slip walking shoes
  • Walking sticks (optional)
  • Rain poncho
  • Towels (On the route you will find the Pajchanta Hot Springs, if you want to bathe in these Hot Springs, bring your towel)
  • Hat or cap for the sun
  • Sun glasses
  • Toilet paper and hand sanitizer
  • Sunscreen
  • Local currency
  • Snacks because lunch will be at 2pm approx.


As stated in our booking conditions, we strongly recommend that you have your own travel insurance before going on one of our treks. Please note that the non-refundable deposit must be recoverable through a travel insurance claim in the event of an accident or illness.

We can provide you with information on travel insurance, but we think it is best if you contact the insurance companies in your own country for more information on these. In short, an individual’s health insurance is very different from typical travel insurance. Read here about typical travel insurance

Health insurance is very different in that it often does not cover emergency evacuation. We strongly recommend that you consult your current medical insurance about coverage in emergency evacuation AND we strongly recommend that you obtain travel insurance if you wish to cover your risk of trip cancellation, illness, injury, death, etc., in order to recover some of your expenses in such a case.

Is there a minimum or maximum age limit for walks?

We do not accept reservations for children under 8 years old and adults over 68 years old. All children under the age of 18 must also be accompanied by an adult. We recommend that if you are over 60 years of age you should speak with your doctor well in advance about the best way to plan the trek and also to ensure that your travel insurance covers such adventure activities.

Clients over 60 years old MUST arrive in Cusco at least 3 days before starting the trek. For hikers over 63 years old we also ask you to bring a recommendation from your doctor confirming that you are fit to participate in the trek. Unfortunately if you do not bring a letter from your doctor we reserve the right to cancel your trip and your trip deposit is non-refundable. (Please see our general booking conditions for more details).

Recommendations for exercise

Any exercise recommendations that we may provide to you are general only and do not specifically apply to you (especially your current physical condition, health status, health conditions, age, and previous experience). If you are going to embark on a rigorous fitness program, then you should do so under the advice of appropriate medical or fitness professionals.

Generally speaking, you should do any exercise that improves your current fitness level. Hiking days (generally on most of our hikes) are long, so if you can take long walks 2-3 times a week (i.e. about 1 hour) this will help you improve your overall physical condition.

As the Andes region is mountainous, if you can hike in mountainous or steep terrain it will also help you for your trek through the Andes. Another amazing treks in Cusco that you can take are the humantay lake full day tour, the salkantay trek 4 days to Machu Picchu and the choquequirao trek 4 days.

It is located 3 hours from Cusco.

The tour starts at 5:00 a.m. and ends at 6:30 p.m.

Yes. Breakfast and lunch are included.

The maximum altitude we will reach is (4,800. Masl)

It is located 3 hours from Cusco.

We highly recommend that you acclimatize for 2-3 days in a high place (such as Cusco, the Sacred Valley, Arequipa, or Lake Titicaca) before attempting any of these treks. Altitude can affect anyone at a moderate to high altitude (usually more than 3,000 meters). Altitude sickness is caused by a lack of oxygen, which can be up to a third less than at sea level.

No one understands why some people are affected and others are not. Age, fitness level and strength are not indicators of how well you will do at altitude. Keep in mind that altitude sickness can be serious, so if your guide advises you to rest or descend, please do as directed.

As most of our hikes are a mix of ascents and descents, altitude sickness is often short-term and having it does not necessarily mean that you will not be able to complete the hike. Medications are available to combat the effects of altitude sickness, for more information please ask your doctor.

If you are gonna to hike the inca trail to machu picchu, or the rainbow mountain peru tour then you nedd at least 3 days to acclimatization in Cusco.

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Based on 151 reviews
Fernanda L
Fernanda L
Mariela es muy especial! Fue todo perfecto! Mariela es increíble y hizo todo para que nuestro viaje fuera inolvidable. La dedicación de Mariela por su trabajo y por su familia también son muy bonitas. Eso hace todo aún más especial.
Cusco Visitei Cusco em Junho/2023 e reservei todos os passeios com a Qorianka. Equipe muito atenciosa, todos os passeios foram ótimos e bem organizados.
Da F
Da F
Perfeito!!!!! Quando fui planejar a viagem para Cusco pesquisei muito os locais que queria conhecer e as empresas que faziam os passeios, encontrei a Qorianka Tours entrei em contato e fui super bem atendida pela Mariele que esclareceu todas as minhas dúvidas. Quando estamos planejamento uma viagem sempre surgi o medo de não ser o que esperávamos, mas falo com vocês que foi melhor do que eu esperava, me surpreendeu o comprometimento, a atenção de toda a equipe que esteve comigo e com meu marido no período da viagem. Vou detalhar um pouco como foi, quando chegamos no aeroporto já tinha uma pessoa esperando para levar até o hotel, nos dias de buscar para os passeios foram todos extremamente pontuais, os guias sempre alegres e com toda atenção explicavam as histórias dos locais, os locais de café da manhã e almoço muito bom e agradáveis e no fim da viagem também nos buscaram no hotel e levaram até o aeroporto. Ficamos 9 dias em Cusco, foi uma viagem maravilhosa, um sonho realizado. Agradeço toda a equipe da Qorianka Tours que conseguiram transformar minha viagem em algo mais surpreendente do que eu espera. Se vc estiver planejando super indico a Qorianka Tours, não tem nenhum ponto negativo para reclamar. Podem confiar.
Solange Puga
Solange Puga
AGÊNCIA CONFIÁVEL!! A agencia é confiável, fiz a reserva pelo Brasil,só paguei uma pequena reserva,em um banco no Brasil,fiz o resto do pagamento diretamente com a Mariella em Cusco. Eles são honestos,mas meio informais. . No city tour,eles atrasaram, logo após 20'' de atraso eu liguei,esqueceram de nós,mas logo Mariella resolveu o problema e mandou um carro para nos levar até o grupo. Adoramos os guias de cada passeio,Aidê,Roni,Ivan e Mari,são eficientes,educados e divertidos . As Vans eram confortáveis. O hotel do pacote em Aguas Calientes,,era bom e bem localizado,foram nos buscar na estação.
Silvia P
Silvia P
7 lagunas con Diego Go!! La mejor experiencia!!! desde inicio hasta al final... cuentan con servicio de desayuno, almuerzo típico delicioso? Además de conocer y hacer amistades de otros países? y lo más importante el guía quién nos orienta e explica durante todo el trayecto.... totalmente agradecida y muy feliz Guía: Diego Suna Quispe
Rocio O
Rocio O
TOUR 7 LAGUNAS CON DIEGO GO! La mejor experiencia de la visita a las 7 lagunas además de contemplar su belleza natural fue que el guía Diego nos dejó tomarnos el tiempo necesario para captar las mejores fotografías y hacer videos, ya que estas imágenes quedarán guardadas por siempre para el recuerdo. También agradecer por la alimentación que estaba deliciosa con ingredientes propias de la zona. Un consejo para las personas que deseen aventurarse en este tour (o alguno otro, ya que el guía es experto en muchos tours) no se arrepentirán en tomarlo como guía a DIEGO GO! ( como lo bautizamos ???) su nombre real es DIEGO SUNA QUISPE
Rafa Rodriguez
Rafa Rodriguez
Todo el viaje valió la pena El viaje fue súper cansador pero llegar a la montaña de colores compensó todo el cansancio! Además con el guía Ronald aka Picasso hizo esta experiencia mucho más gratificante y hermosa!


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